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FreeBSD is a free UNIX based operating system. It was created by Berkeley software distribution.

The goal of the FreeBSD project is to provide a system that can serve everything with the less restrictions possible.

FreeBSDoffers advanced possibilities in terms of networking, performance and security.

FreeBSD versions

Here are the latest versions available for production

Version Status EOL
11.4 Production
10.4 Legacy October 31, 2018
10.3 Legacy April 30, 2018
10.2 EOL December 31, 2016
10.1 EOL December 31, 2016
9.3 EOL December 31, 2016

You can find the improvements of each version on the website of FreeBSD


Direct access to the root account is disabled by default in FreeBSD.

You can access the server using your user account and by using the command su – with your root password – to run commands as root.

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