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What is DDOS Shield?

The Best DDoS For Free At ServerClub.Net


Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can shut down your website and your brand reputation. Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks target web sites, hosted applications or network infrastructures by absorbing all available bandwidth and disrupting access for legitimate customers and partners. DDoS attacks can bring mission- critical systems and business operations to a halt, resulting in lost revenue opportunities, decreased productivity or damage to your reputation. ServerClub.Net provides a built-in DDoS Protection service as a part of our secure network. Our service is backed by 24x7x365 management and monitoring by expert security staff, as well as performance- based SLAs, providing comprehensive protection for the network resources that power your business.


DDoS Protection

With our built-in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) detection and mitigation services, our DDoS Protection network is able to absorb the DDos attack before it reaches your server. Our DDoS Protection System works by blocking the range of the attacking source IP. During this process of mitigation, certain IP addresses may not be able to reach the server.


Advanced Monitoring Network System

Scrutinizes network traffic in real-time to identify anomalies, quarantines attack packets and blocks malicious traffic.


 Sophisticated Detection Techniques

Include built-in attack profiles, statistical and behavioral analysis methods to quickly identify attacks in progress.


Clean Pipe Network

Our premium network cleans Internet traffic eliminating malware, spam and viruses without putting stress on your hardware. Rest assured that your data is clean and secured.

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