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DEDICATED SERVER Online.net’s servers are fully dedicated and come with a panel of tools making their administration much easier. There is no virtualization technology or shared resources that would make you dependent of the usage that would be done by other customers. Feel free to check our FAQ for more informations. Network The Online.net network has been designed to offer the best performance and a maximum of […]

Parallels Plesk Panel

Due to new commercial regulations at Plesk, we regret to inform you that we will no longer be able to provide you these licenses. However, you can still subscribe directly via their website. Information Plesk is an administration panel developed by swsoft. A demonstration version is available online. The official documentation for Plesk can also be found at the official site. If your got the following message: “Can not […]


What is RAID ? The word RAID refers to technologies for distributing data on multiple hard drives to improve fault tolerance and/or increase disk performance Using RAID does not exclude the necessity to make regular data backups. The different types of RAID RAID 0 Both disks are combined into one virtual disk to get more available space. This improves the performance of reading and writing […]


Monitoring Your management console includes a monitoring system that notifies you by email or SMS regarding potential anomalies. Our monitoring system checks your server every 5 minutes and sends an alert if an issue arises. An email alert is sent for the following services: Ping ⇒ Verification that your server replies to “ping” HTTP ⇒ Verification that your httpd answers SSH ⇒ Verification that your […]


How to choose your distribution The distributions proposed at the installation are dependent on the usage you plan to do with your Dedicated server Some distributions mentioned in the documentation may not be available for all servers. Don’t hesitate to contact the technical assistance if you have any question about the availability of a distribution on a certain kind of server. We have grouped the […]


SERVER ORIENTATED DISTRIBUTIONS ServerClub.Net offers you a wide choice of different distributions GNU/Linux | Windows | BSD orientated for an usage as servers, for LAMP platforms, game servers, company intranet/extranet, streaming servers, VPN servers… Available distributions  Distribution Debian  Distribution Ubuntu  Windows Server  Distribution Centos  Distribution Fedora  Distribution FreeBSD Distribution Archlinux Barred systems are distributions we proposed before but we chose not to offer them anymore. […]


DISTRIBUTION ARCHLINUX Arch Linux is a Linux distribution build on the principle to remain as simple as possible. Arch Linux is an OS independently developed and based on the GNU/Liunx distribution which provides the latest stable versions and lost of the software. The default installation is a minimal system to be configured by the user depending on his requirements. It was created by Judd Vinet and represents […]


DISTRIBUTION FREEBSD FreeBSD is a free UNIX based operating system. It was created by Berkeley software distribution. The goal of the FreeBSD project is to provide a system that can serve everything with the less restrictions possible. FreeBSDoffers advanced possibilities in terms of networking, performance and security. FreeBSD versions Here are the latest versions available for production Version Status EOL 11.4 Production 10.4 Legacy October […]


DISTRIBUTION FEDORA Fedora is a GNU/Linux distribution based on the RPM system, it is developed by a community and supported by Red Hat. Fedora is a system composed entirely of free software, it is based on the Red Hat Linux distribution. New versions are released in relatively short intervals. It follows them of Gnome, which is about each 6 months. Fedora 27 You can find […]


DISTRIBUTION CENTOS CentOS is a GNU/Linux distribution. All packages are compiled using the sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Therefore it is totally compatible with Red Hat (more than 99.999 %). CentOS is like a free version of Red Hat. The support is done using the mailing-lists and the forums by the community of CentOS. Official site Forums Mailing lists Available versions Version EOL 7 […]

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